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When dealing with people in business there are some basic principles in order to win them round.

Everyone has the right to their own opinion.  It does not matter how much you disagree, they will likely have the same opinion even if you win the argument. Winning an argument rarely gives a gratifying feeling as you hurt the pride of the loser and the more you argue and disagree, the more stubborn you are both likely to become so it is best to avoid them altogether.

The best way to avoid an argument is to be able to recognise when there is a disagreement.  Listen to what your opponent has to say and let them talk.  When we debate it raises barriers so we need to build the bridges in order that we understand one another.  Keep calm and control your temper.  Look for areas where you both agree and be brave enough to admit when you have made an error and apologise.  Think over each others ideas and find a solution.

Understanding the differences in opinion is essential to coming to a conclusion. Show respect and understand why they are arguing in favour of that particular opinion. Ridicule and abuse does not make people agree so be diplomatic and keep it friendly. When you admit your mistakes it protects you as well as the other person.  They are not able to gloat over the chance to criticise and it does not wound you and their pride, this way you can come to a solution.  It must be handled in a kind, friendly way which is far more likely to win the other persons approval.

When handling complaints, don’t interrupt and remember to listen to their problems. Gather their ideas and look at things from their point of view.  Compliment and praise on work they have done and above all, be understanding and sympathetic towards their feelings.

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