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Building Relationships

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I ask myself, what are the building blocks to any business, career or situation?  I have found the most important components are relationships. People are naturally interested in themselves.  We generally like people who admire us so there are ways we can improve in order to create better relationships with people around us.

To genuinely admire something in a person gives them a great feeling of importance. When we put ourselves out for others in different ways that are thoughtful, unselfish as well as something that uses up time and energy, we create a bond with that person.  An example is if you have a friendship with someone from Spain, you can learn some simple greetings in Spanish.

A simple smile can go a long way.  It creates a feeling of happiness around you and will change attitudes.  A smile shows the person you are addressing that you are glad to see them.  Even smiling when talking on the phone will transform the phone call, not only for the person listening on the other end but for the person doing the talking.  It changes their attitudes towards each other.  People who smile usually have a better outlook on life, make better teachers and tend to raise happier children.  Our thoughts are paramount and a good mental attitude is having the ability to treat people in a cheerful manner.

Remembering a persons name makes them feel comfortable and creates an impression. Say their name in your head and memorise so you can use it when interacting with them. Ask about their family as well as addressing them by their name, this makes them feel important as you have taken the time to remember them.

Be a good listener.  Listening to what a person is saying is a great compliment, it also encourages them to talk about themselves.  Stop what you are doing at that moment in time and listen to them as this lets the speaker see you are interested in what they are saying.

Talk about their interests, what pleases them and what they treasure most.  If they are interested in Golf as an example, ask them about it, how often they play, the rules.  You don’t have to have a great knowledge of what they are interested in, it is about showing an interest in them.  We have to think about what we want people to give us, in other words treat people how you want to be treated.  Show them respect by being polite, “could you”, “thank you” and “please” will go a long way in building a relationship.

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