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The Power Of Appreciation

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Criticism is an expression with destructive consequences.  It damages our relationships with friends, family and colleagues.  It damages pride, sense of importance and in the end it increases feelings of resentment the injured party has towards us.

It is human nature when an individual has a problem or does something wrong, they blame others for their failure.  We all have to learn to speak good of the people around us and not to judge, ridicule and insult.  We all have good points and bad points, so we need to be recognized for our good qualities.  A sign of good character and self-control is to be understanding and forgiving.

All humans have basic needs: their health, food, sleep, money, life after death, sexual gratification, welfare of our children, desire to be great, important and to be appreciated. Humans acquire their feelings of importance in different ways.  Some in positive ways through acts of kindness such as building a hospital, helping the poor, charity work and others in negative ways such as crime and so on.

We need to start understanding people and figure out why they behave in the ways that they do.  It is far more rewarding to do this rather than condemning, and it creates a sense of sympathy, tolerance and kindness between us all.  People are more likely to follow and respect if they are rewarded and they learn more rapidly and retain the information they are given.  We have to be able to arouse enthusiasm, encouragement and find something in that person to praise by looking for their good points and what they do good in their work.  We have to think in terms of other peoples point of view because how they express themselves is an essential attribute of human nature.

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