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In order to be successful, I need to adopt a certain way of thinking. If I am not able to work to the success guidelines, it will be very difficult to achieve my goals and have a successful business. Over the last 4 years in my business, my income has plateaued. My income has not fallen, however, it has not grown either. I want my business to grow. I do not know anyone who would not love to benefit from the perks that a growing vibrant business can bring. The feeling of accomplishment and being able to provide for my family with no worries. The lack of growth in my business is due to not doing enough of the right things and making the right choices. It is my fault for this lack of growth as I am 100% responsible for my own choices. If things do not work out, I need to make different choices to follow the right path.

I think to myself why I started a business. I started a network marketing business so I could earn some extra money as I needed to top up my income. I also joined because I like the products. They have great potential to sell. Having a good reason is what will give me the motivation to work. During the first few years of retailing, I started to look at the bigger picture. I discovered what I could actually achieve in this business and it was far greater than just earning some extra money. The harder I work and the more I do will provide results that are far greater than if I give a little. The less I give, the less I will get back, after all, it is a numbers game.

The ability to handle rejection is a very important quality. Everyone will not be interested in my product and my opportunity, it is normal and part of the business building process. I have to go into this wholehearted because if I do not, I will not be able to maintain enthusiasm and momentum.

I have to build my customer base in order to show others how to build their customer base, as well as making a profit. At the end of the day, how can I show someone how to do something I cannot do myself? I cannot show someone how to play a musical instrument that I cannot play, so the same applies here. Others have to follow me, I must believe in my product or I will not be able to make sales. It is also important to not prejudge customers and potential sponsors as it is not possible to know who will buy my products or join my business.

There were also times when I started, I felt like giving up. This was particularly apparent on rainy days when I had to go out to pick up catalogues, I hated the thought of getting wet. However, when the summer came along and the weather was better, I enjoyed the walk in the sun. The key is to not give up because everything I do will have good days and bad days.

Results come with work and do not always come straight away. I need to think to myself that it takes time to build a successful business. I want to build a self-sustaining income that can be done whether I am there or not. I need to understand that I have to invest a lot of time and effort as commitment is crucial in the first few years. This is something I am going to stick to because far too many people quit early and never get to the stage of reaping the rewards that this business can bring. At the time I started, I did not have any large sums of money to invest in setting up a business, so network marketing was the option I had. I know that I must invest time to build this business. When it comes to sponsoring, some people leave and some people stay so I have to remain focused and my business will grow. Keeping the momentum going during the bad times is essential as I will lose customers due to people moving, but at the same time, I will gain new ones. I have a strong desire to build this business and make it work. It is all about consistency after all. Success and persistence go hand in hand. The biggest investment is time and instant gratification is not part of this business.

I have to focus on action and keep out all negativity as it will hold me back. In order that I achieve what I want I need to have more knowledge of how this business works and grasp the basics. I will have to aim for overachievement so I push myself towards what I am aiming for. This is where attitude comes in and in this business it is everything. If others are going to feel positive about it, I must show them. Doubt will ruin my belief and we get to the top through belief and consistency. I need to mix with others to stay positive and review my goals regularly so I am still focused on why I am doing this. The aim is to follow the system by retailing, recruiting, then teaching sponsors to do the same. I have to keep learning and embrace what I am good at and improve on any weak areas. I am very good at consistency, but I need to work on time management, relationships and keeping track of my numbers. When the time comes to work on this full-time, I have to be in the position to match my salary and then go on to double it. This way I will have the income to invest back into my business as well as pay my bills.

Sharing the business by word of mouth and letting everyone know that I have a service to offer them is essential. However, they might not want to buy products or join my business now, but at a later date they might be interested so I have to step back if someone says no, after all, it is their right to refuse. Dealing with enquiries on the same day or at least within 24 hours so they do not lose interest and getting information out there so it reaches the right people is needed for growth. I have to keep a good attitude despite rejection as this will keep me motivated. I must remember to follow up all enquiries as I never know who is waiting to hear back from me.

Investing in my business is important. If I invest in it, my business will grow. So I have to use some of my profits to increase my enquiries through advertising which will increase interest in joining the business.

When I run my team, I have to motivate my team members through what they want to achieve out of the business. There are certain qualities to look for in identifying other leaders, these are a positive attitude, uses their own initiative (they can problem solve), thinks of new ideas, building a good customer base, lack of complaints and keep focused on the things that they have to do, will interact with me regularly, takes responsibility, a people person, not afraid to work hard and are honest. I must remember that people need to go at their own pace or they will quit. I need to encourage my team through praise and recognition. Team members have not to be held back if they want to move forward and at the same time, if they are pushed too much, they will quit. They will have to be kept up with recent information and be aware of the different events that are on offer. The events are energetic, create team spirit and give fantastic training.

I have to take action, responsibility and initiative. Using these skills shows that I have learned to improve my personal development. Taking action will, in turn, go on to give me the results I am looking for even if I have a bad day. I have to focus on keeping the business running because if I become over-focused on results this will break my spirit. Looking towards success will give me success, as I can surround myself with positive people which will help me focus on positivity and become the person I want to be to attract new team members and customers.

Leadership is something I have to learn over time through experience and putting into practice. I have to inspire, motivate, try new things, pass the information on, accept that people make mistakes, stay positive and to not get distracted. Through this, I will become better, stronger and I will go further.    

Mistry, Yogeeta. Direct Selling Success, Surrey, PA: Filament Publishing, 2013.


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