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Managing My Time

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What am I going to do tomorrow? This is what I have to say to myself every evening before I go to sleep. Unfortunately for me, I do not think to myself what I need to do tomorrow. I get up in the morning, hope that I will remember everything I need to do that day and as a result I forget important items off my list. In order for my dreams to come true and be able to achieve my goals, I must get into the habit of planning my time so my week is more productive.

To accomplish this, I need to make time for the things that must be done. I can write a to-do list before going to sleep and the items I need to do the next day need to be numbered. I must prioritise the items that are important, discipline myself to stick to them and I must remember there are some things I will not get done. If I use my to-do list, any items that do not need to be done on that day can be carried over and completed the next. Items that are urgent and important must be done before items that are not urgent but important. Urgent items but not important can be delegated and if the item is not important and not urgent it can be left as it is just going to waste time.

The next stage in my plan is deciding which items fit into which categories. The activities that produce income are items that have to be done on that particular day. Important and urgent for me is the distribution of catalogues, posting to my groups and delivering products to customers. Keeping on top of my leads and making sure that they receive the necessary information so they are exposed to the business. Attending my training webinars and regular contact with my upline will help me build my business. Giving advice to my sponsors when they need it and keeping on top of my personal development. Taking the time to teach my music students is another important item on my list as this cannot be delegated to anyone else and I must also remember to add any appointments and commitments with my son. Items that are important but not urgent are duties around the house. These need to be done, but they can be carried over to the next day.

Without a structured plan everyday, I will not be able to do the necessary work to achieve my goals. From now on, I will finish each day by writing what I have to achieve the following day.

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I’m so proud of you Louise, could do with following you on that. I’m not the most organised as you know, but I can be, when I decide to change my habits…You’re strong and a great inspiration. Mxx


Thanks Marie xx