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How To Develop Myself

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Are we or our business moving forward to where we want to be?  If not, we most likely need to start our journey in Personal Development.

For me, I lack confidence in myself, sometimes lack motivation and don’t always know where I am going. The hardest thing for me is to think positively and to believe in myself.

I think we are naturally programmed to be negative. Our media is full of negativity and gives us negative views of the world around us. We have to be careful what we listen to and not contaminate our minds. Our failures in our lives often cloud our judgement and we often believe bad things about ourselves to be true when they are not.

In order to be successful, I need to learn to drop all that unnecessary baggage I have been carrying since childhood and change the way I think. After all, this doom and gloom is just thoughts and problems in the world should not need to impact on my life and well-being. Problems will be there whether I worry about them or not, so it is best if I focus on the positive. I need to filter out the bad with good and make steps in creating a good future.

To progress forward in my life, I first need to change how I think. A good starting place is to focus on all the good achievements I have accomplished in my life. So, I must focus on my Teaching Diploma in piano and flute, completing my Open Degree and the building blocks in starting my business. I need to be able to learn from failures and act on where I have gone wrong so I don’t make the same mistakes again. I need to rouse that feeling of excitement to impact on where I want to be.

Reading positive material is the next step. There are many Personal Development books out there that will improve areas of my life such as self image, good knowledge of business, how to feel good, how to manage money so I am not spending more than I earn, relationships, how to deal with people and how I feel about myself spiritually. I also need to take action on what I learn because this will increase my confidence. I have been searching on Kindle, Amazon and Google for a good selection of books.

Listening to others who have been in my position and gone on to succeed will be a fantastic support system for me. They will be able to help me with any areas I am struggling and guide me through. I need to start listening to the advice I am given from my upline as she will guide me in the correct way. Seeking knowledge will help me drop all the unnecessary baggage to help me move forward. Attending good seminars with experienced people such as Tony Robbins will inspire me greatly. One of my goals for the year will be to attend some training sessions on how to build my business. When I see how much I can get out of advice from others and how successful I can become, it will move me forward faster than I imagined.

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