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How Far Do We Want To Go?

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What are goals?  What is their purpose?  What do we want for the future?

Goals are achievements that keep us on track to focus and motivate in whatever we are doing. They come in many forms such as buying a new car, a new house, or a holiday destination we have longed to visit.

Having goals builds confidence. They can be short term or long term. Short term goals are a good starting point for building up towards achieving long term goals. When we reach our goal it gives a great sense of achievement that we have accomplished something wonderful in our life. Our skills and abilities are improved and our dream becomes a reality. If we do not have any goals in life, we will amble along with no targets, focus or direction.

When setting our goals, we must ask ourselves the reason why we want these goals, so we must be specific. Think of how many goals we want to set and how much time and money we need to achieve them. We need to think if we are able to achieve them and most of all it has to be our goal and something we really want. When we have thought about what we want, we must set a time on when to complete the goal.

We have to truly believe in our goals, so the best way is to make a list and pick 3. Write a detailed paragraph describing it in detail. We can even include the sounds and smells to make it more real. This could be if we want a house by the sea, we could include the smell of the fresh air and the sound of the waves crashing against the rocks. We can also map out how we are going to achieve the goal. This can be a plan consisting of the activities needed so it can be accomplished.

Finally, anticipate any problems and how we are going to overcome them. We need to keep focused and driven towards our goals by asking if we need help and make any changes we need to keep moving forward.

It is very important to SET OUR GOALS!

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