Rise Above

If they can’t say anything that will help you grow:

Recognise negativity,


Stay positive,

End the conversation,

Accept who you are,

Believe in what you want,

Observe your own thoughts,

Visualise your dreams,

Embrace your future.



Live life to the full.

Love what you do.

Liberate your mind.


Live your life everyday as if it is your last. Do something each day you enjoy no matter how small. Take time for yourself.

Love the work that you do. Work towards the career that makes you happy. Work on your relationships with others.

Feed your mind with positivity. Let go of the past and look to the future. Appreciate the people in your life.

Treating People As Individuals

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Being treated as an individual is something that is important to us all. We all want to be treated as though our wants and needs are important. Individuality means we all have our own thoughts, feelings, and opinions so the actions we take through life are the result of our own choices.

Treating people as individuals encourage us to have relationships with everyone around us without judgement. This way we will not miss out on a relationship that we could benefit from greatly. Great friendships can come from relationships with different kinds of people from all walks of life. We could really learn from each other and share our opinions. When we judge we never get the chance to know other people. We never learn what they are really like and who they are as a person.

It is everyone’s right to be treated as an individual in a fair and just society. It is a more interesting world when we are treated as individuals because we can contribute in our own way by recognising and using our skills and gifts. It gives us our own identity and we can find our own place. We need different kinds of people for different roles in society. Being an individual allows us to express ourselves. When we are really good at something, we can use it and be recognised for it.

When we are treated as an individual, our happiness will be higher, we will feel more confident and it is giving us respect. Being ourselves creates unity as well as preventing discrimination and division because we learn that being authentic is a beneficial part of society. After all, it feels good when we are allowed to be ourselves.

How Gratitude Changes Our Lives

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Gratitude is a powerful way of changing the way we view life. When we are grateful, we focus on the good in our lives and not the bad. Gratitude is a positive emotion and we focus on being appreciative of others and are more likely to return the kindness. We are more likely to be happy when we are grateful. It makes our relationships stronger and we are less likely to complain about our lives. Showing gratitude helps us accept life as it is.

Ways we can show gratitude:

  • Saying a simple ‘thank you’ when a good turn is done to us by someone else.
  • Waking up every morning and writing down things that make us feel grateful.
  • Sending a gift or buy someone dinner.
  • Give a compliment and tell how much you appreciate a person.
  • Offer to help with doing a task that someone does not like or needs help with.
  • Listen if someone is having problems.
  • Not to be too hard on ourselves.
  • Do something we really enjoy as a treat once in a while.
  • Showing gratitude for material things as well as people so we appreciate what we have achieved.

Showing gratitude is not just about showing it to others but about being kind to ourselves and appreciating our achievements.

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Put Energy Into Something Positive


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I think we are all guilty of using our energy in negative ways. However, using our energy in a positive way benefits us for a variety of reasons. Using energy positively can come in the form of playing sports, reading a book, yoga, keeping a gratitude journal, writing, learning a musical instrument or learning a new skill.

  • Keeping busy helps us deal with stress. When we are busy we do not focus on our problems. When we are not focusing on our problems we are not going to worry about them.
  • We do not waste our own valuable time if we are using our energy in a positive way. We only have a certain amount of time in the day. Once the time is gone, it is gone.
  • We can focus on creating something and getting results. This gives us a feeling of satisfaction.
  • It keeps a positive frame of mind. This is great for success and life is a lot easier to deal with.

Overall, if we put our energy into something positive we are more likely to be stronger for dealing with the daily obstacles of life, have belief in ourselves, boost our self-esteem and confidence, find solutions and be inspired to be more creative. This will benefit our health, well-being and increase our chances of success.

Dealing With Rejection

There are a few ways I have found to be useful when dealing with rejection. Rejection can happen in any relationship whether it is in business or with peers.

The most important thing is to replace rejection with someone or something else. If rejection has come from a peer, make or form new relationships with other people that will be more rewarding. When it comes to business it is important to move on and find the correct people. Finding things we enjoy doing and working on something positive will help us to cope and take our focus away from rejection.

Do not take rejection too personally. If it is coming from a peer, the issues are likely with them or we are not in the correct relationships for us to grow. If it is in business, they are not the correct person for the job. Walk away and move on.

Be interested in others. This way it is easy to find good friends and workmates. Finding passions that are enjoyable in order to mix with people with similar interests will be of great benefit so bonding in relationships will be much easier.

Rejection gives the chance to change and discover who we are and what we want. We are able to really appreciate what we want and pursue it. If it is not what we want we can change our circumstances and if it is what we want we know we are following the right path.

Rejection is not a good feeling, but staying strong will keep a focus on how to improve the situation. People reject others for different reasons. Sometimes it is done intentionally to hurt and sometimes it is just not the right circumstance or relationship.

The most important lesson is to learn from experiences. Find the right situations and the rewarding relationships. There is a saying ‘when one door closes, another door opens’.

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Using Our Own Products

When selling products, there is a great advantage in having a passion and interest in what we sell. Learning that they work and that we want to use them increases the belief for ourselves as well as the customer. We can comfortably sell products because we believe what we are saying about the product is true.

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If we use the products we sell ourselves, we will have a good knowledge of how they work and how to use them. We can describe the features and benefits of each product. For example, if we are selling a face cream and we use it ourselves, we are able to share our experiences of using the product. We will also have a knowledge of how it meets the needs of the customer. We can also back up what is claimed about the product.

Being able to show how products work gives our customers a feeling of trust towards us and we can be completely honest and upfront about how genuine they are. This provides a better service to customers and adds value to our business.

For me, I have a great passion and interest in the products that I sell. If there is something I need for the house or cosmetics, I use my own products. The reason is I believe they work and do what they say. I will not sell a product I do not believe in.

Getting customers to review products they have bought gives me a feeling of satisfaction that the customer is happy with their purchase. It also gives me an insight into the products I have not yet had a chance to use myself. After all, I want customers to be happy and satisfied with the products they buy.

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Personality Disorders: The Psychopath

When studying about different personality disorders, I have learned that Psychopaths are not all dangerous and are not all criminals. Not all criminals are psychopaths. Psychopaths among us can have very successful careers and live very successful lives.

There are different traits of the Psychopath:

  • They are very charming and are very intelligent.
  • They are never shy around others.
  • Everything is about them.
  • They are easily bored and find that they need to have constant stimulation.
  • They are pathological liars, that manipulate and con others.
  • They lack good sense and judgement.
  • They have no guilt, remorse, are callous, without empathy, shallow emotions and are unable to feel love.
  • They have poor control of their tempers.
  • They indulge in sexual promiscuity.
  • They never take responsibility.
  • They feel they are special and superior to others.
  • They are always seeking gratification and reward.

What causes Psychopathy?

The causes of Psychopathy can be due to a number of factors. Childhood experiences and genetics such as deformities in the brain associated with emotions. Psychopathy can start as early as childhood. People who indulge in theft, vandalism, bullying and substance abuse are more likely to be or become psychopaths.

Psychopathy explained:

Psychopaths are very false and superficial. They charm people around them and they use this charm to get what they want. Everything in life is about them, what they want, what they need and they lie and manipulate others into getting what they want. They control others for personal gain and feel no guilt or remorse for this. They are actually unable to connect with other people emotionally and do not care about the needs of others. They are unable to control their temper and it is obvious through bouts of verbal or physical abuse. They are very easily annoyed, irritated and impatient with others. The impulsiveness of the psychopath leads them to take action without thinking, they also can have multiple sexual partners. Sexual partners are more of an ego boost or a conquest to them because they never feel any love or affection for the people they are intimately involved with. When they make mistakes, they will never accept responsibility and they certainly never learn from them. The grandiose view of themselves makes them think they are superior to others and they deserve better than others.

Dealing with a Psychopath:

When dealing with a psychopath it depends on the degree of the condition. It also depends on how involved we are with that person. If they cause significant harm, cutting ties is the best option. They are very clever and can manipulate into seeing that the victim is the bad person and not them. Protecting ourselves is vital as well as getting the support and help we need.

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Rivers, C. (2014). Personality disorders and mental illnesses. [Place of publication not identified]: [publisher not identified], chapter 2 to chapter 5.

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